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Call for Contributors


Necessary, Useful, or Desirable: Histories of Furnishing Fabrics


As a category of textiles, furnishing fabrics embody the range of “necessary, useful, or desirable” in both their material and aesthetic attributes. On the one hand, the material properties of furnishing fabrics can demarcate space, provide warmth, reflect or shade from light, and generally protect the human body; on the other hand, their design characteristics convey personal status, cultural mores, trade relationships, and contemporary ideals of taste and beauty. As part of an ongoing exploration of a significant corpus of furnishing fabrics in the Helen Louise Allen Textile Collection, part of the Center for Design and Material Culture at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, we seek to bring together scholarship that defines and analyzes this category of textiles. 


We seek contributors in two different categories: 1) authors who have ongoing research related to furnishing fabrics seeking a publication venue for an article-length piece of writing and 2) researchers with an interest in this area who would be willing to explore one or more specific textiles in the Helen Louise Allen Textile Collection to write a short “object biography.” 

Proposals for both options are due by 1 June 2024. Please send your proposal to furnishingfabrichistory@gmail.com

For full details please see: https://www.furnishingfabrichistory.net/call-for-proposals